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DotCom Secrets Review: Is this the best book for Sales Funnels?

How To Grow Your Online Business With Sales Funnels..."

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Before we start with the review, let’s talk about what this book is about and its origin. DotCom Secrets was originally published on February 20, 2015. The book is 254 pages long. The book has thousands of good reviews along with very good ratings. Russell Brunson is the author of DotCom Secrets. He is a successful entrepreneur. He co-founded Etison LLC, where they launched the hugely successful ClickFunnels software.

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DotCom Secrets is for anyone who is an entrepreneur wants to become an entrepreneur and people who want to master the art of selling products online.

When I first heard about this book, I was thinking is it that good as people says? So, I read few reviews and decided to give it a chance and read it myself and see how good it is. I really was surprised. The book is very engaging and it had strategies that were neat and smart. It’s not easy to do e-commerce now-a-days as the market changes with time. But while reading this book, I learned how some rules and strategies works most of the time and how you can actually have sales funnels that covert! Anyone who used ClickFunnels before should read DotCom Secrets book. DotCom Secrets is one of the best books for entrepreneurs.

Most people don’t know the art of selling products online and thus they face many obstacles. But with this book, they’ll have clear idea on what works and what doesn’t. The strategies and tips mentioned in the books really works. Go ahead, read DotCom Secrets and try it yourself.

In the first chapter of the DotCom Secrets, Russell talks about value ladder. Now what is this value ladder? With a value ladder, you can offer something to people at a lower price point, so that you can build your online presence. Because even if you’ve the best product, people won’t buy the product from you at a higher rate because they don’t know much about the product. They’ll more like to buy something when it’s at a lower price. Once they start recognising the value of your product, you can go back to increasing the price accordingly and have good buyers base. He also recommends starting with your audience research by asking yourself 4 crucial questions:

lsdigital dotcomsecretsbook

Who are your dream customers?

How can you find your dream customers?

How will you attract your customers?

What do you want to give your customers?

This is a very smart tactic. You get a clear idea on who your actual audiences are and what your products has to offer them. This saves a lot of time that people normally waste on other things, trying to sell their products with no plan. This strategy will also boost your product sale I believe. Russell then introduced the concept of sales funnel

After you’ve created a value ladder just like mentioned in the chapter, you’ll know exactly what your sales funnel should offer.

You’ll also find other topics in this chapter of DotCom Secrets, such as

How to find and target your target audienceHow to up-sell your customers with your Value Ladder

7 sales funnel phases

The next chapter is all about building your character to your audience. It’s more like building you virtual presence to attract your customers. According to Russell in the book, you need 4 elements to build an attractive character

Have a backstory

Character Flaws



Russell beautifully described the details in DotCom Secrets, which will definitely help you understand what is needed for you to build an attractive persona for your audience. You’ll also learn 5 methods Russell uses for building instant connections with his leads. Few of the best things he mentioned in this segment are

  • Audience segmentation (separating your customers into different groups according to their shared characteristics, so you can personalize at scale)

  • How to recognize leads who will buy from you, and those who won’t

  • How to create urgency around your offer, and offer so much value that you convert leads immediately

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    After that DotCom Secrets book progresses into talk more about E-mail Marketing. In the book two of the most effective email marketing strategies are mentioned for keeping your list engaged. The first is called the Soap Opera Sequence. The main idea behind this sequence is to keep each email open-ended and entertaining. With this sequence, your e-mail subscribers would want to open and read your mails. Russell shared one of the 5 email soap opera sequences that he uses in the book.

    The second e-mail strategy is the Daily Seinfeld Sequence. These are the mails you need to be sending to maintain your relationship with your subscribers. This is to make sure that your subscribers don’t forget about presence and you maintain a regular interaction. This sequence is entertaining and effective. With sequence you’ll definitely see increase in your open rates, click rates, and conversations.

    Third section of this chapter of DotCom Secrets is all about the strategies behind the funnel and your doings to make the funnel work. Russell highlights the 5 elements of any successful campaign, and teaches you how to reverse engineer your competitor’s funnels. Next, Russell talks about the 7 phases of a funnel. Here Russell says that there are levels of traffic and all of them should not be treated the same with the funnel process. Brunson also talks about other success formulas, such as:

  • Profitable traffic sources

  • Key demographics

  • Convincing offers and landing pages

  • Ad copy that creates instant connection with your target audience

  • The last part of this section is Twenty-Three Building Blocks Of A Funnel. Here Russell talks about the type of WebPages you can use for the funnel building phases mentioned in the previous chapter. It shows you twenty-three most effective building blocks for sales funnel.

    So, what’s my final opinion about DotCom Secrets? Well the book has some effective strategies that I personally liked. Also the best part about the book is it’s very engaging and has modern concept. I would definitely recommend DotCom Secrets book to any entrepreneur and to any future entrepreneur.

    lsdigital dotcom book
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